Not just a designer...

👋, I’m Germán (herh-man). A versatile product designer with 14 years of experience. I have worked as a brand, visual, and web designer/developer for 5 years, and as a product designer and front-end developer for 8 years. In-house or as a consultant, I have been trusted by over 50 B2B and B2C organizations to develop brands, websites, complex digital products and design systems

I recently held the position of product design lead at an AI-powered two-sided marketplace, where I played a dual role as both a holistic strategist and a hands-on player-coach in driving innovation through collaboration, research, and user-centered practices. Currently, I offer advisory and consulting services to organizations, specializing in brand and product strategy, product design and development, and design systems. I am eager to collaborate and work together to create impactful solutions. Let's join forces and make great things happen.

In a Nutshell
German Cabezas
Product Designer

Research, Design & Tooling

I tend to use mixed methods while researching, my approach is very pragmatic, as for design, I’ve used Adobe products for over a decade but my current focus relies heavily on Figma. I have experience with other more advanced prototyping tools.

Strategic Business Outcomes

I possess a certification in strategy from IDEO, I can facilitate strategy, define and track business and product outcomes in order to clearly articulate results and make adjustments as needed.

Design Thinking and Systems

I have a genuine passion for working collaboratively with teams to implement design thinking processes and principles. By fostering a culture of design thinking, I believe that designing systems becomes second nature, particularly when it comes to solving intricate problems that require holistic thinking.

Front End Development

I graduated from a full stack development bootcamp some time ago, I understand how technology is built and can clearly communicate in technical terms, currently I focus in front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS-React, Ember)

AI - Machine Learning

I’ve designed experiences powered by supervised learning ML models that were optimized for scoring and classification as well as un-supervised models optimized for clustering.

Product Management

In my consulting as well as in-house work, I managed projects alongside my design responsibilities, developing strong product management skills through close collaboration and often doubling as a product manager. I excel at problem-solving, providing timely solutions, and ensuring successful execution.
My Approach

As a versatile designer and tech 🤓, I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. Throughout my career, I have held various roles such as graphic designer, art director, front-end developer, entrepreneur, musician, teacher, and even had the chance to dabble in architecture thanks to my father. These diverse experiences, combined with my 14 years of experience in product design, have led me to place a strong emphasis on behavioral psychology.

By always learning about human behavior and applying it to my work I am able to design and implement technology that effectively addresses their needs. I firmly believe in the power of effective communication, knowledge sharing, and research-backed practices to drive meaningful results. By finding simplicity within complexity and bringing structure to chaos, I am dedicated to improving the quality of our work and delighting those who rely on it. This human-centric approach is at the core of my work, whether collaborating with B2B SaaS organizations or engaging with a B2C audience.

What’s like to work with me?
German's ability to steer design strategy, exceptional leadership, and deep product knowledge make him an ideal candidate. His impact extends beyond design; it fosters growth and innovation.
Kody M.
Senior Director of Product
From Design Systems to strategy German’s dedication to improving Design and Product Operations transformed our process enabling seamless collaboration across teams.
Marisa D.
Senior Product Designer
German listens, reasons, adapts, and cares; you see it all in his work. Each and every day, he shows up with his rare and inspiring curiosity, enthusiasm, and standard of excellence.
Jeremy B.
Senior Product Manager
German demonstrated a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of product design and the real-world needs of our users. His work ethic, coupled with his ability to lead and inspire those around him, made him an invaluable member of our team.
Eli G.
VP - Engineering, Product and AI
German was an amazing partner on all of the product teams we worked together on. He was great at championing design-centered principles along with an strong agile mindset, and constantly pushed our teams to think from the customer's perspective.
Sherry W.
Agile Coach
Some of the great people I had the pleasure of working with:
A Context Driven Process

Over the years, I've honed and refined the product development process, striving to make sense of the chaotic nature of creating meaningful technology. While different methodologies like Design Thinking, Agile, Waterfall, and Lean UX have influenced my work, I've always felt the need for a visual representation that combines research and agility in a modern environment.

The diagram above attempts to illustrate the various components of the process, acknowledging that different parts can be embraced based on context, resources, and goals without compromising time or resources. This approach integrates quantitative and qualitative insights, ensuring a user-centric and data-driven approach to product development.

By combining research and agile practices, we can foster innovation, collaboration, and exceptional technology that meets user needs. Let's embrace this visual representation to communicate and pursue our common goal of an efficient and effective product development process in the ever-changing landscape of technology. Together, we can create remarkable user experiences.

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